What Is Oceanic Perfume?

This is probably the most recently invented fragrance family. It exists for about 20 years but has already managed to get the attention and love of millions of ladies from across the globe. It suits perfectly for summer and the end of the spring season. Let’s find out what exactly is an oceanic scent and a bit about its history.

The story behind oceanic perfumes

It was 1991. Christian Dior was looking for something unique and impossible. It led to him introducing Dune (which is still sold and quite popular). The perfume managed to recreate the smell of mountain air, ocean breeze, etc. That’s what so peculiar about this fragrance family. It uses synthetic elements to make the scents that can’t be touched in real life.

Another popular oceanic fragrance is Davidoff Cool Water which you can order at PerfumeDor.es. This one combines with some fruity notes. Ozone is mixed with water lilies and fruits to create a unique blend which is still in demand. It’s a sparkling perfume, great for the daytime and young women.

If this category appeals to you, try Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers. While it’s not totally oceanic, the fruity-floral mix has some unique watery notes.

When can you wear oceanic perfumes?

There are no strict rules on when you can or can’t use a certain fragrance. However, this option is great for job interviews and weekdays in the office. Use it in summers when you need to feel fresh, inspired, etc. Oceanic fragrances can be used for both simple everyday life and exciting adventurous trips.

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Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts and History of Apples

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